Send an email to any of the Nordstrom supplier support teams below please always include your vendor number, vendor name and any relevant information, (i.e. PO number; deduction number, ISA number, contact & address updates, etc.):

  • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - After suppliers review the Nordstrom AP Vendor Inquiry site (, we can assist suppliers with questions regarding amount or timing of invoices, checks, cost difference claims or any other AP related issues on charges, please include your findings from the AP Vendor Inquiry site
  • FLOOR READY -  We can assist suppliers with questions regarding compliance questions such as ticketing, hanging, polybags, packaging, carton labeling, etc. or if you need to update your compliance contact information for EDI, Warehouse, Tickets, Hangers, Packaging, etc. please identify all compliance topics the contact(s) are for.
  • RETURN ADDRESS UPDATES - We can update suppliers returns address, please provide all vendor numbers & names the updated returns address is associated to and the effective date.
  • EDI GROUP/EDI INVOICE -  We can assist suppliers with EDI technical questions / support, FA research, missing POs, invoice transmission issues, etc. Please provide PO number & ISA number when inquiring.
  • EDI SETUP - We can assist suppliers with initial EDI setup or any changes to your EDI (both in-house or 3rd party) after initial setup (please inform Nordstrom prior to the change to ensure no interruption to EDI).  EDI Setup does not handle technical questions, please email EDI Group.
  • EXPENSE OFFSET FEES -  We can assist suppliers with inquiries about non-compliance offset fees, please note these must be submitted via email within 60 days of the fees document date. Nordstrom does not provide pictures of non-compliance.
  • SUPPLIER SALES REPORTING - We can assist you with access to the Supplier Sales Reporting tool Note: there is a $100 fee per supplier (label) to access this information.
  • TRANSPORTATION - After suppliers review the Routing Guide and they have additional questions they can email Transportation.  For Freight Chargebacks please use the AI Portal ( for both review and inquiry.
  • DROP SHIP - for initial setup and onboarding with drop ship and for assistance with questions regarding drop ship
  • FEEDBACK on this site - We can help suppliers with Customs questions if Nordstrom is the importer of record.
  • Use the Supplier Resources and Contacts document to identify the appropriate contact for your inquiry prior to emailing
  • VENDOR DESK - email this team to setup Merchandise ACH Payment and EDI 820


To talk to a Nordstrom representative about other Supplier Compliance issues, you may call the toll free Nordstrom Supplier Compliance Hotline (1-877-444-1313) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday:

  • FLOOR READY Management - For further assistance via phone, please request an appointment through email for a Specialist to connect with you. Email for questions.
  • EDI SETUP - For further assistance via phone, please request an appointment through email for a Specialist to connect with you. Email for non-technical inquiries.
  • EDI GROUP (EDI Technical Support, FA Ack., Missing PO), option 3
  • TRANSPORTATION - option 4.
    • Questions specific to the Routing Guide email (option 1 no longer valid)
    • Questions specific to Volume Load Pickups, to schedule a pickup email
    • Questions specific to Freight Agreements, option 3
    • Questions specific to Freight Chargebacks, option 4
  • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - option 5


  • SUPPLIER PORTAL: View AP Inquiry (invoices, payments and chargebacks/offset fees) NOVS (Nordstrom Order Verification System)
  • NOVS: NOVS (Nordstrom Order Verification System) is no longer accessible on the Supplier Portal. To gain access suppliers need to reach out to
  • SUPPLIER SALES REPORTING: View sales reporting information
  • SUPPLIER RESOURCES & CONTACTS: Directory of contacts which enables users to identify apporpriate contact for inquiries (i.e. offset fees, freight chargebacks, cost differnce claims, etc.) which in turn will expedite Nordstrom's response
  • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE VENDOR SETUP FORM: All new accounts or reactivations must fill out this form
  • SUPPLIER WEBSITE: Deck contains helpful information on navigating this website