There are various steps involved to set up items at Nordstrom and publish online. The below information provides greater detail into what is required and who the point of contact will be along the way as item information is gathered.

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Supplier Item Onboarding

When New Suppliers are set up at Nordstrom, they will be sent an onboarding email. This email will contain links to videos which will give visibility into the operational steps to initiate and complete item setup and what teams will be reaching out.


New Supplier Item Onboarding Webinar

For questions reach out to   

NuORDER (3rd Party Technology Partner)

WHAT: Nordstrom has partnered with NuORDER, a leading retail technology platform, to have brands digitally present line sheets during market. Currently this is only available for our Full Price business and if used will replace the Item Intent Form (IIF) form below.



WHY:The goal is to improve the market to order process, ultimately allowing Nordstrom to place orders faster and with more ease.


POINT OF CONTACT:Work with your respective Buyer to confirm is this is the preferred path for your Brand. If confirmed you will sign up using the link below or you can email for more information:




Item Intent Form (IIF)

WHAT: The supplier must complete the IIF with accurate product information.


WHY: This form is used to initiate item set up processes at Nordstrom and write purchase orders. Providing accurate information upfront results in a more timely creation/release of purchase orders and reduces the need for Nordstrom teams to reach back out to you.


POINT OF CONTACT: The Buying Office

Full Price Item Intent Form

Off Price Item Intent Form

Catalog Information

WHAT: Accurate and finalized item data must be loaded into your OpenText or InterTrade Catalog.


WHY: Item data must be loaded and available in the catalog to allow for item set up in Nordstrom systems. For data quality, our systems will not allow us to setup items until it is loaded and accurate in the catalog. Missing or inaccurate information in the catalog will inhibit Nordstrom teams from setting up the items, resulting in delays in receiving purchase orders, receiving items in store, and publishing online and could result in Supplier Expense Offset Fees. The Buying Office may reach out to you to confirm item data is loaded and accurate.


WHEN: Item data must be loaded at least 8-10 weeks prior to start ship.


POINT OF CONTACT: Merchandise Specialist


For more information, please visit by right clicking and opening in a new tab OpenText


For more information, please visit vy right clicking and opening in a new tab InterTrade

Sample & Vendor Images


WHAT: Samples or Vendor Images are requested and are required to publish an item online while presenting the customer with an accurate representation of the item.


WHY: Accurate and high quality images drive product views and sales by helping the customer to make an informed purchase decision. Images show the customer how to use or wear a product while providing style information.


WHEN: Must be provided at least 6-8 weeks prior to start ship.


POINT OF CONTACT: Product Coordination


Nordstrom Online Photography and Vendor Image Guides

Product Information


WHAT: Extended attributes are requested to complete the item set up process and enrich the product online. There are different requirements based on product type.


WHY: Care, Content, and Country of Origin are required to publish an item online. Providing additional attributes that are both thorough and accurate increase customer satisfaction, conversion, and keep the customer informed and confident about their purchase, reducing returns.


WHEN: Must be provided at least 4-6 weeks prior to start ship.


POINT OF CONTACT: Point of Contact: Product Coordination


Nordstrom Product Information Request


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