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Send an email to any of the Nordstrom Supplier teams using the form below; required fields are indicated by the asterisk (*)

  • To update your compliance contact information for EDI, Warehouse, Tickets, Hangers, packaging, etc. select the Floor Ready Management button; please identify all compliance topics the contact(s) are for
  • To update your returns address, select the Returns Address Update button
  • To communicate any changes to your EDI (both in-house or 3rd party) after initial setup, select the EDI Setup button.  Please let us know prior to change
  • All inquiries about non-compliance offset fees must be submitted via email within 60 days using the offset fee button. Nordstrom does not provide pictures of non-compliance.
  • Use the Supplier Resources and Contacts document to identify the appropriate contact for your inquiry prior to emailing
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To talk to a Nordstrom representative about other Supplier Compliance issues, you may call the toll free Nordstrom Supplier Compliance Hotline (1-877-444-1313) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday:

  • Floor Ready Management, option 1
  • EDI Setup(non-technical EDI Setup), option 2
  • EDI Group(EDI Technical Support, FA Ack., Missing PO), option 3
  • Transportation, option 4.
    • Questions specific to the Routing Guide email (option 1 no longer valid)
    • Questions specific to Volume Load Pickups, option 2 to schedule a pickup email
    • Questions specific to Freight Agreements, option 3
    • Questions specific to Freight Chargebacks, option 4
  • Accounts Payable, option 5
  • Customs Compliance, option 6