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News and Updates

Last Updated: September 22, 2017

Attention EDI Vendors: Beginning August 24, 2017 all Pack and Hold (PM) and Reserve Stock (RS) orders will always contain the ship-to location in the N1*ST segment in the PO1 loop.  Please see our mapping specifications located on this website for further information.

Attention EDI 852 recipients: Due to internal maintenance Nordstrom will not be sending EDI 852s Sunday September 3rd for Canada and Rack Shoes; This reporting will be sent the evening of September 5th and will return to its regular schedule on September 10th.

Attention EDI 852 recipients: The EDI 852s sent for FLS (US only) and Rack (less shoes) Sunday September 3rd was incomplete for the data range of 8/27 to 9/02.  We are in the process of recovering this data and will re-send the entire timeframe.  We will put out an update once we know the exact date we will be resending the data.

 August 2017 Revision Highlights
  • Updated Store Address list with some of Fall Openings addresses please review carefully;
  • Updated Routing Guide Store/DC list to Correct Nordstrom.com ship to DC 569 and NRHL DC 562
  • Updated both Off Price and Full Price Item Intent Forms on the Item Setup & Direct Product Information page
  • Updated Routing Guide for store 833 (Sherway Gardens Mall); the city should have been listed as Etobicoke not Toronto.  Please make note of this change; 08/28 made formatting changes only; 08/29 Updated Store/DC list in Routing Guide and noted use of new store 922 which is store allocation placeholder, similar to Store 919 is for the Rack
  • Updated Expense Offset Fee document: Removed N.com Only  No or Incorrect hanger offset fee
  • Updated Nordstrom.com Manual: Section 5, sub-section Merchandise Required to be Shipped on Hangers - Removed 'Gowns' from hanger matrix
  • Updated FLS & Rack Manual: Section 4, sub-section Return Hangtags - removed FLS requirement for bridal dresses to have return hangtags (only needed for Nordstrom.com orders)


September 2017 Revision Highlights

  • Updated Store Address list: 428 relocation and name change; 632 closed and removed;138 city changed to Bellevue; 161 opening moved to Spring 2018; added phone numbers for stores that opened 9-7
  • Updated Section 8 of Routing Guide for same changes noted above
  • Updated nordstromrack.com | HauteLook manual Section 2 sub-section Scheduling a Delivery: made note of which FC/Stores use the Nordstrom Routing Guide and which contact HauteLook and NRHL directly for routing instructions
  • Letter sent regarding the Nordstrom VAN Migration happening October 17th at 9:30 am PT; see the Vendor Communication page by using the link on the left sidebar for a copy of the letter



Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Supplier Compliance by clicking Contact Us & Resources and then selecting 'Feedback' from the 'Send To' options list.

For shipping and invoicing to Nordstrom stores in Canada, please visit www.nordstromsuppliercanada.com.