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Last Updated: January 15, 2019


ATTENTION EDI SUPPLIERS (Please Read & Update Mapping):

Nordstrom is partnering with OpenText | GSX Active Intelligence program which is designed to help identify EDI discrepancies between our industry standard requirements and supplier transmissions.  This system will be available soon and will notify suppliers quickly regarding discrepancies and if acted upon immediately can reduce or even eliminate expense offset fees around ASNs (EDI 856).  We are excited about this program as it will greatly impact speed to market and will reduce manual intervention in our supply chain associated to ASN inaccuracies.


Implementing Nordstrom's current established EDI requirements into this system will generate notifications to suppliers, and possible document rejection, on ASNs that would have previously flowed through our system (although not meeting our requirements).  While our current platform does accept this and performs a translation, very soon this will cause the ASN/856 to be rejected and a notification sent. The DC/ship-to location is required at the shipment level in the N104 with the ST qualifier. The correct ship to locations are:


Store (N1*BY)      DC Location (N1*ST)
0808                     0599
0568                     0569
0156                     0399
0489                     0499
0659                     0699


Please ensure any hardcoded mapping is updated on ALL your suppliers that are doing business with Nordstrom and begin immediately transmitting with the correct ship to location to avoid any documents rejection and associated expense offset fees. Always refer to our Routing Guide, found on the left sidebar of this site, for our Store/DC mapping. This can be found in Section 8 between pages 126 – 132.


Also, please note that all Nordstrom DC and store numbers are 4-digit numeric values (no alpha characters). Any alpha characters sent in either the N104 of either the N1*ST or N1*BY segments will cause the value to be sent as 0000 to our warehouse management system and deem the ASN/856 unusable.


November 2018 Revision Highlights

  • Routing Guide - Cover Page: Noted UPS work stoppage is not happening and to resume normal use of UPS per the Routing Guide
  • Packaging & Labeling Standards - Section 3, Sub-Section NON-EDI Shipments Carton Label Requirements: Removed secondary Ship to address option of using the carrier's address and DC Number only (no DC address).  Shippers must use the DC number and the DC address
  • Store Address List - Added addresses for Spring 2019 store openings Store 148, 164, 511 and 661
  • NRHL Drop Ship Manual - Section Merchandise Strategy, Sub-Section Additional Shipping Information: Updated shipping example; Section Nordstrom Contact List - made updates to the contact list, please review carefully
  • FLS Drop Ship Manual - Pages 8 & 9: added additional information regarding best practices for shipping customer orders


January 2019 Revision Highlights

  • Item Setup Page - Added link back to full Nordstrom Supplier website at the top and bottom of page; 01/15/19 Updated contact email for Supplier Item Onboarding
  • Expense Offset Policies - Added AP document codes to make it easier for suppliers to identify; 01/08/18 Updated Quality Assurance Offset Fee
  • Business Basics - Section 4, Sub-Section PO Violation: updated Exceeds POs Most Common Cause on the matrix to clarify Nordstrom receives at the Store/SKU level for store packed orders and SKU level for bulk pack orders.  Any overage at the SKU level will create an expense offset fee
  • Store Address List - Added store 156 LA Local Omni Hub, suppliers will treat this like any other store
  • Routing Guide - Section 8, Sub-Section Store / DC List added store 156 to DC 399 and store 538 to 699; removed the notice about a possible UPS strike from cover page; 011119 Section 8, Sub Section Nordstrom.com: added Ship to Nordstrom DC 399 - LA Local Omni Hub (LOH).  Supplier will begin seeing this additional Nordstrom.com Ship to Location on POs beginning in January (see store / ship to mapping above for correct N1*BY and N1*ST); 01/15/19 Section 8, Sub Section Nordstrom.com updated DC 699-Beauty FC to DC 699 Maryland FC as Nordstrom has expanded the FCs scope beyond beauty to include other retail sectors effective January 2019


Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Floor Ready by clicking Contact Us & Resources
and then selecting 'Feedback' from the 'Send To' options list.