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This website contains important information about Nordstrom's supplier strategies and requirements. For new vendors or vendors new to using our website, please review the Supplier Website deck which contains helpful navigation for this site. The information on this website is updated regularly and can change without notice.

Questions regarding expense offset fees or other deductions please refer to the Supplier Resources & Contacts document to identify and expedite your inquiry to the correct Nordstrom team.

For shipping and invoicing to Nordstrom stores in Canada, please visit www.nordstromsuppliercanada.com.





To ensure you are directing chargeback inquiries to the correct department, please reference Supplier Resources and Contacts list for the correct department with the correct chargeback code. This will expedite your response from the correct team.

Please include your vendor number & document number in the subject and/or body of the email. For attached contact list, click here




Nordstrom is modernizing our merchandising and accounts payable system platforms to enable a simplified and standard ecosystem across all of our channels. Our supplier community is a vital component of this change. With this change there are new vendor requirements for invoicing, as well as impacts to EDI and reporting. Please review attached details for awareness and actions needed to support a smooth transition with minimal disruption.


For attached details, click here




As of October 15, 2020, all vendors looking to ship merchandise to NRHL/Hautelook will be following the routing instructions available in the Nordstrom Routing Guide. Please carefully read through the instruction guide for your state of origin to schedule pickup and delivery to our facility.


Should you have any further questions, please send a new email to shipping@nordstrom.com with the subject line NRHL Routing Assistance Needed - [PO Number]. Failure to input the correct subject line may result in delays in routing support.




Shipping compliance standards and offset fees will adjust to market rates. Nordstrom requires all suppliers to ship in alignment with retail industry standards including packaging, labelling, ticketing and usage of electronic documents (EDI). Non-Compliance Offset Fees adjust to market rates effective December 1, 2020. 


For additional details on Nordstrom Compliance Updates, click here




- Further RFID program details will be released in February 2021.  It is our expectation for supplier to begin shipping with RFID tags during 2021. To allow our vendor partners ample to time to source and apply the appropriate tags in an economical manner, compliance requirement enforcement on RFID ticketing will begin during the second half of 2021 (approximately August 2021)

- If you are currently ticketing for other retailers, please begin ticketing for Nordstrom.
- For additional details on RFID Requirements in 2021, click here

- For updated RFID ticket dimensions, click here




Attention Beauty Suppliers:  All ecommerce orders must be sent in single SKU cartons.  Single SKU cartons is the requirement for all ecommerce orders.  See section 3 of the Packing Standards on the left sidebar.




In accordance with existing Supplier Compliance requirements, Nordstrom will continue to strictly apply the RTV process for product that was not ordered, overages (SKU/Store level), mis-ships (shipped to the wrong location) or shipped outside of the shipment window on the PO.


POs must ship per the final details of your purchase order. Any changes made by Nordstrom to the order should be reflected on the PO as well as the shipment. This includes overage units and items that were not on the final order. Any additions to the order will need to be communicated to your buying partners and must be updated on the purchase order.


Additionally, in order to ensure the maximum product market availability, please commit to the ship window on the purchase order. Orders that arrive outside of the agreed-to window will be subject to an RTV. All extension requests should continue to be communicated to the merchants in order to avoid any unintended returns. Please validate that Nordstrom is notified of your most updated return shipping address to avoid additional cost and lost time.


COVID-19 Wellness and Safety 3rd Party Provider Standards


To minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, all third-party service providers who need to be on Nordstrom premises are expected to follow these Wellness & Safety Expectations. Third-party service providers include any non-Nordstrom employee working onsite at any of our Nordstrom locations such as vendors, temporary workers, independent contractors, models and freelancers. Please review the Wellness and Safety Standards on the left sidebar.








  • BUSINESS BASICS: Invoicing Instructions for Non-EDI Suppliers Updated
  • PACKAGING & LABELING STANDARDS: NRHL Carton Dimensions Updated on Page 2
  • BUSINESS BASICS: Expense Offset Policies - Include vendor number & document number in subject and/or body of email
  • CHARGEBACK CONTACTS: Added chargeback contact list on left navigation bar


Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Floor Ready by emailing frm@nordstrom.com