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Questions regarding expense offset fees or other deductions please refer to the Supplier Resources & Contacts document to identify and expedite your inquiry to the correct Nordstrom team.

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NordstromRack.com | HauteLook (NRHL) SUPPLIERS PLEASE READ!

NRHL POs now have multiple "ship-to" locations on the same PO (orders written after 6/17/19 with a Not Before Date of 10/01/19 or after), do not pack orders until either the EDI or the PDF copy (non-EDI) of the PO is received. Never use an excel spreadsheet for packing and/or shipping to a DC/warehouse as the allocations may be wrong. Shipping against these can incur expense offset fees.


NRHL orders will have two locations on the same PO so always ship based on "ship-to" locations on your EDI or PDF PO (non-EDI):


  • EDI 850 SDQ Segment '0881'

  • EDI 856 N1*BY '0881' and N1*ST '0562'


  • EDI 850 SDQ Segment '0873'

  • EDI 856 n1*BY '0873' and N1*ST '0879'



Nordstrom Replenishment Suppliers: In June the Full Price division of Nordstrom (including Nordstrom stores, Nordstrom.com, Trunk Club and Canada) will begin a phased rollout, by division, of a new replenishment system.  This is the same system that is currently supporting our Off-Price business.  This change will impact ordering, allocation and reporting for all replenishment product our teams manage and will allow them to more effectively execute their roles.

Please Note:

  • Early and accurate access to item information in electronic catalogs (i.e. GSX | OpenText; InterTrade) will help minimize time to Purchase Order receipt.  It is highly recommended that catalogs be available a minimum of two weeks before product can be planned or commitments made

  • There is a minimum of six business days required to receive commitments on replenishment items after an item is set-up in Nordstrom's system

  •  Supplier Portal will not be impacted

  • Information will continue to be available at www.nordstromsupplier.com


Nordstrom.com Suppliers: Nordstrom.com POs going forward will no longer start with a '0'. While there will be residual POs with the leading '0', new POs will not.  Suppliers will need to read their SDQ segment on their EDI 850 and utilize the Store / DC List in Section 8 of the Routing Guide. 





Nordstrom has implemented phase 1 of our OpenText | GXS Active Intelligence (AI) portal.  This phase is all about validating EDI data.


This new tool monitors EDI documents being received from our trading partners as well as sends out email alerts when the data contains mapping / formatting issues (during phase 1 suppliers will not be going into the portal as they will only be receiving email notifications). It is important to read and act quickly to these email notifications, resubmitting data when necessary; if this is done prior to your shipment being received at our warehouses, errors could be caught before they become issues in our supply chain. Expense offset fees may still apply If it cannot be resubmitted, is not done timely for that order or there are additional discrepancies; however suppliers still need to take the opportunity to fix the issue(s) for future orders.  


We are happy to partner with our valued suppliers and OpenText |GXS to help improve product flow through our facilities with the added benefit of reducing or eliminating EDI expense offset fees.


Phase II will be expanding our portal service with deduction management for expense offset fees; phase II implementation will be announced at a later date.




  • SHOE SUPPLIERS: Nordstrom.com & NRHL suppliers are currently required to rubber band shoe boxes (interlocking lids included); within the 3rd quarter of 2019 Nordstrom will begin assessing an expense offset fee for non-compliance
  • ROUTING GUIDE: Section 5 Carrier Pages, Sub-Section UPS Freight - removed Volume Multi-BOL DC bullet; Section 8 Store DC List, Sub-Section Ship to Nordstrom.com & Ship to NRHL Store DC List; added new West Coast Omni Center (WCOC) Store/DC 584 under Ship to Nordstrom.com; moved NQC and note on where to find Canada Store DC list up to beginning of the section 07/17/19 Fixed Type-o for Sub Section Ship To NRHL in (Store DC List), Store 881s associated DC/FC is 562 not 499. 07/19/19 updated XPO Logistics phone number in the Carrier Pages. 07/24/19 Store DC List, Sub-Section Ship to Nordstrom.com  corrected Addresses for 499 & 699 as they were inverted; for Sub-Section Ship to NRHL corrected DC # for store 882 should be 563 not 569; please review carefully
  • PO TERMS & CONDITIONS: Section 1 - now more specifically references all provisions that Nordstrom suppliers are bound by; Section 7 & 8 - Minimum Wage & Overtime Standards updated to explicitly state that suppliers must comply with minimum wage and overtime laws; Inserted new section as Section 9 (9 moved to 10, etc.) regarding suppliers grant Nordstrom royalty free right and license to certain supplier content for use in marketing, promoting and selling suppliers' merchandise; Section 10 - clarified that suppliers must indemnify Nordstrom for any claim that the supplier's content violates third-party intellectual property rights
  • PO TYPE LIST: Added GB (Rack Gift With Purchase) & HF (NRHL Flash); Updated GE (was Adidas Rack Closeout), HL (was HauteLook NPG Only) & NB (Unboxed Try on Samples)



  • STORES CLOSED OR CLOSING: 2, 12, 236, 426 if on your PO please contact your merchant for direction
  • NORDSTROM LOGO: Updated in Supplier Standards and on website
  • ROUTING GUIDE: Section 7, Sub Section Shipping to HauteLook - Added additional store numbers for stores associated to HauteLook & added a reminder for what to provide for HauteLook prior to shipping.  Section 8, Updated Store/DC List Removed Store 2, Added 203 and updated name for store 511
  • EDI Mapping Documents 850 & 860 FLS & NPG Versions REF*PD - Updated to include the following codes: HL = NRHL PERSISTENT and HF - NRHL FLASH; changed the note to read - Nordstrom PO Type - for a list of values see PO Type List located on our website www.nordstromsupplier.com under the Reference Materials section. FOB02 and FOB06 (850 and 860 all divisions) - Added the 'ZZ' qualifier; PO111 (850) and POC13 (860) added a note that reads - Nordstrom Class code for pre-ticketing purposes - this value will always be '0'; Note added to IN qualifier in both 'NOTE - This value will always be '0'.'  BEG01 (850) added 01 - Cancel and 07 - Duplicate codes to the US FLS mapping
  • TICKET STANDARDS: Section 1 Clarified Suppliers own hangtags/labels can be used if all required information for ticketing is present; Section 3 clarified ticketing for Nordstrom.com & NRHL
  • PACKING STANDARDS: Section 2 Polybags, clarified if product comes in conveyable packaging OK if no polybag as long as no product is exposed
  • BUSINESS BASICS: Section 3 Sub-Section EDI Sender / Receiver IDs, updated links to new mapping documents on left side bar
  • HANGING STANDARDS: Updated Logo only


Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Floor Ready by clicking Contact Us & Resourcesscess
and then selecting 'Feedback' from the 'Send To' options list.