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This website contains important information about Nordstrom's compliance strategies and requirements. The information on this website is updated regularly and can change without notice.

For new vendors or vendors new to using our website, we have created a PowerPoint document, Supplier Compliance, that contains helpful information on navigating this website. This document can also be found in the 'Contact Us' section.
News and Updates

Last Updated: January 29, 2018

November 2017 Revision Highlights

  • Updated Packaging & Labeling Standards section 3, sub-section EDI Shipments: GS1-128 Shipping Label: clarified marking carton is placing the label on the carton and that only one side of the carton should have a label
  • Updated the Supplier Item Onboarding Webinar; please review (found on the Nordstrom Item Setup & Direct Product Information page
  • Updated Routing Guide Section 5, sub-section A. DUIE PYLE and A. DUIE PYLE - Gilbert: updated Email information for PO verification and Pick-up Scheduling in both sections
  • Nordstrom Cosmetic Guidelines (left side bar) documents updated and naming convention changed from 'cosmetic' to 'beauty'
  • Updated Store Address List: Added store 209 used for shipping for Manhattan Men's store; address added


December 2017 Revision Highlights

  • Updated Store Address List for the Manhattan Stock Staging Area (SSA) store 209, address is the same as DC 699.  Merchandise must ship to DC 699 for POs written with store 209; 12-26 Updated confirmed addresses for Spring 2018 Rack openings stores: 713, 652, 161 & 212 (not all have confirmed addresses as of yet)
  • Updated Routing Guide Store/DC List: Added store 209 to DC 699
  • Business Basics, Section 1, Sub-Section 1 Nordstrom Supplier Compliance Contact Info: Consolidated NRHL email attributes to one for invoicing and payments; Section 3, Sub-Section ASN Requirements: Stated that ASNs must be transmitted a minimum of 30 minutes prior to merchandise arrival at the DC/FC; Section 4, Sub-Section NRHL Invoice & Payments: Consolidated NRHL email attributes to one for invoicing and payments; Section 2, Sub-Section Children's Safty Requirements: Updated links for Nordstrom Safety Requirements that link to the Product Integrity page; 12/26/17 Updated NRHL's EDI email address to edi@hautelook.com
  • Hanging Standards, Section 1, Sub-Section FLS & Rack Hanger Requirements: Re-added Active Wear back onto the hanger matrix as it was inadvertently removed
  • Updated the NRHL Drop Ship Manual: Consolidated NRHL email attributes to one for invoicing and payments
  • Updated Disclaimer with current manuals found on this website
  • Added NRHL EDI Mapping Documents to the left sidebar
  • Updated Packaging & Labeling Standards, Section 2, Sub-Section Oversized/Ship Alone: re-added our outbound maximum carton size

January 2018 Revision Highlights

  • Updated Routing Guide adding new jewelry dept. 696 (follows same routing instructions as dept. 89); 01/29/18 - Updated Section 8 DC/Store Lists removing Canada Store/DCs and refering users to the Nordstrom Canada Routing Guide instead


February 2018 Revision Highlights

  • Updated Item Setup page with new webinar and notated that onboarding suppliers will be contacted via email





Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Supplier Compliance by clicking Contact Us & Resources and then selecting 'Feedback' from the 'Send To' options list.

For shipping and invoicing to Nordstrom stores in Canada, please visit www.nordstromsuppliercanada.com.