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News & Updates

Last Updated: November 19, 2018


ATTENTION SHIPPERS: Update as of November 12th UPS Freight resumes normal business for pickups and deliveries. Teamsters accepted the contract, there will be NO work stoppage.

Please revert to our standard process and request UPS Freight pickups for those states/DCs per the Nordstrom Routing Guide.

Any questions please email


: Effective November 1st Expense Offset Fees will be modified to more accurately reflect the operational costs incurred due to non-complaince. Please review the Updated Expense Offset Fee schedule on the left sidebar under Reference Material.
BEAUTY SUPPLIERS PLEASE NOTE: To better serve our growing online Beauty Customer, Nordstrom is adding two additional Fulfillment Centers to our network. These FCs will specifically fill Beauty orders along with our existing FCs 808 and 568.  Please see the posted letter dated 06/19/18 and 10/12/18 in Vendor Communications (on the left sidebar under Additional Information) regarding the new FC Locations and what we need from you, our suppliers, to make this a success.

October 2018 Revision Highlights

  • Noted Expense Offset Fee Schedule will be updated effective November 1st (see updated schedule on the left side bar)
  • Updated Ticket Standards, Section 2, Sub-Section Rack Ticketing Standards: Noted that FastTrak for Nordstrom Rack is brick and mortar; 10-25-18 Section 2, Sub-Section Rack Ticketing Standards: Added link to FastTrak registration; Section 1, Sub-Section Retail Price: Removed beauty department 575 from requiring retailll
  • Updated Supplier Resources & Contacts: CA Document type adjusted contact info; please review carefully
  • Updated Store Address List: Store 511 updated to Spring 2019 and 162 added Fall of 2019
  • Updated Routing Guide Section 8, Store DC List: Added 162 for Fall 2019 opening and updated 511 opening to Spring 2019
  • Updated both Drop Ship Manual and the NRHL Drop Ship Manual; Drop Ship Suppliers are highly encouraged to review the documents in their entirety
  • Updated Nordstrom Item Setup & Direct Product Information page (see upper righthand corner for link): Added 3rd Party Technology Partner NuORDER, a leading retail technology platform, to have brands digitially present line sheets during market.  Currently this is only available for our Full Price business.  If your merchant requests you to use NuORDER this will replace the use of the Full Price Item Intent Form (IIF)
  • Updated Packing Standards, Section 1, Sub-Section Packing Slip Requirements and Seciton 2, Sub Section Product Type Specifications: Clarified Dept. 89, 589, 696 must include a pack slip and for diamond jewelry include di.ct.wt (diamond carat weight) for each item. Added diagram to Section 1, Sub-Section Master Packing as a visual aid
  • Updated Business Basics, Section 3, EDI Requirements: Added 3rd Party EDI Provider List and clarification on EDI requirements and testing


November 2018 Revision Highlights

  • Updated Routing Guide, Cover Page: Noted UPS work stoppage is not happening and to resume normal use of UPS per the Routing Guide
  • Updated Packaging & Labeling Standards Section 3, Sub-Section NON-EDI Shipments Carton Label Requirements: Removed secondary Ship to address option of using the carrier's address and DC Number only (no DC address).  Shippers must use the DC number and the DC address
  • Store Address List: Added addresses for Spring 2019 store openings Store 148, 164, 511 and 661
  • NRHL Drop Ship Manual Section Merchandise Strategy, Sub-Section Additional Shipping Information: Updated shipping example; Section Nordstrom Contact List: made updates to the contact list, please review carefully
  • FLS Drop Ship Manual, Pages 8 & 9: added additional information regarding best practices for shipping customer orders


Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Floor Ready by clicking Contact Us & Resources
and then selecting 'Feedback' from the 'Send To' options list.