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Last Updated: March 18, 2019








Nordstrom is excited to announce that we will be implementing, in Phases, a new portal called OpenText | GXS Active Intelligence (AI).  Phase I is all about validating EDI data and will be rolled out in late February. 


This new tool will monitor EDI documents being received from trading partners as well as send out email alerts when the data contains mapping / formatting issues.  It is important to read and act quickly to these email notifications, resubmitting data when necessary; if this is done prior to your shipment being received at our warehouses, errors could be caught upfront before they become issues in our supply chain. Expense offset fees may apply If it cannot be resubmitted or is not done timely for that order, however suppliers should take the opportunity to fix the issue(s) for future orders.  


We look forward to being able to partner with our valued suppliers and OpenText |GXS to help improve product flow through our facilities with the added benefit of reducing or eliminating EDI expense offset fees.


Phase II will be expanding our portal service with deduction management for expense offset fees; phase II implementation will be announced at a later date.



February 2019 Revision Highlights

  • NRHL AP 101: Updated Date for inquiry transition to April 1st from March 1st
  • Business Basics: Section 3, Sub-Section Required Electronic Documents: Removed EDI 832 from list as it is not a document, however all suppliers, EDI Capable/Compliant or Not, Must Have A UPC Catalog
  • Car Seat / Car Seat Stroller System Box Sticker Standards added to Reference Documents on left sidebar with ordering instructions with Taylor Communications
  • Ticket Standards: Section 4 added Sub-Section 'Car Seat Box Stickers' specific to suppliers who do car seats and car seat / stroller systems
  • Vendor Communication: Added Car Seat Box Sticker & Order Form Document
  • Packing Standards: Section 3: Nordstrom.com, Nordstromrack.com | HauteLook and Reserve Stock no longer allow multi-SKU cartons.  All cartons must be sent as single SKU going forward effective immediately.  This is due to our expanded Supply Chain for on-line presence with our LOH (Local Omni Hub and WCOC (West Coast Omni Center). Multi-SKU cartons will stop the flow of merchandise and delay product from being made customer facing


March 2019 Revision Highlights

  • NRHL AP 101: Updated contact information for AP Import
  • Packing Standards: Section 3 - Added suggested placement of barcode UPC sticker and image example with a link to Ticket Standards
  • Ticket Standards: Section 3 - Added link to Packing Standards referencing the polybag section; Section 4 - Clarified Multi-Piece ticketing for individual selling units more than 2 pc
  • Store Address List: Added phone numbers for Spring 2019 Rack store openings 148, 164 & 661 (note: stores opening in March and April 2019)
  • Routing Guide: Section 8 Sub-Section Store / DC List removed Spring 2019 notation from 148, 164 & 661, all opening in March and April 2019


Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Floor Ready by clicking Contact Us & Resources
and then selecting 'Feedback' from the 'Send To' options list.